Selling or Exchanging Your Piano

We are always looking to buy pianos for stock, as well as pleased to consider your exisiting piano as part exchange.  To get the ball rolling, and to find out approximately what your piano is worth, email us some photos of the piano and we will come back to you within a few hours.

We are always very fair with our part exchange valuations.  Because we stock such a wide range of pianos, we also buy in a wide range of pianos.

To find out how much you piano is worth, email your photos to

It helps us if you can include the following photos:

  • Outside of the piano (with the lid open to reveal the keys)
  • Outside of the piano (with the lid closed)
  • Open up the top lid and take a photo down inside the piano
  • A photo of the piano name/maker
  • A photo of the serial number if you can see it.  On a modern or relatively new piano, the model and serial number is often located inside the piano, at the top on the right hand side near the tuning pins.

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